Nabeel Ansari: (The director)

This passionate soul is the root of The Tern Travellers. Being a ‘Director’ is not just his ‘Position’ , it’s his ‘Action’. He is a wildlife adventurer, a traveller, an explorer, a naturalist, a photographer, a scout master, a mountaineer and an astute entrepreneur. This infinite potential brings the zest to this company. He takes care of managing our wildlife, domestic, international, adventure and academic tours. He also digs out new places with his spade of dedication, and makes it budget friendly for our travellers. He owns a contagious dynamic energy. And this energy attracts many , as he is inspiring and creating travel and nature love in youth. He is a scout master in various institutions for over a decade now and is also a tourism faculty for a renowned college in Southern Mumbai. So basically he has turned his passion into purpose and now into his profession!!!


Faizan Katmale :(Co-director/sales and hospitality head)

Backbone of the Tern Travellers!! Being a professional mixologist and 8 years of working experience in UK as assistant Food and Beverage manager have brought him expertise in the hospitality field. As there is no hospitality like understanding! His experience brings that perception to provide the best of stay and meals for our guests. He makes sure to give our guests a hassle free second home during the tour. His easy going, funny and cheerful nature is a therapy for our team in the office as well as on tour. So, this mixologist is now mixing innovation , hard work and passion for the company.


Gautami Avalur: (Intern)

Newly harvested youth waged as a sales intern. This eager beaver will help you getting your heart’s itinerary with her youthful affinity.


Saqlain Ansari: (Creative executive & Asst. Tour lead)

This aesthete brings inventiveness for the company. His creative talent of visual merchandising is a bounty to the company and for our cognoscente viewers.


Naushin Shaikh: (Content Specialist)

This logophile personality brings exhilarating stuff for the travellers. Her factual, informative and light-hearted blogs will definitely draw out your bucket list! Her academic knowledge in cultural and heritage management and love for the nature and travel brings thoughtful beauty in her words. Her ability to connect human nature with travelling, will help you find your inner soul and will surely increase your travel love. So just Read…Travel…and Stick around!!!


Irteza Kazmi: (Trekking Division and School camp division head)

This gregarious trekker works to make the Treks and camps indelible for our customers. As a school camp division head he makes sure to deliver safety with fun for the young ones.


Jash Shah: (West team head/Tour leader)

A stable, stout and dependable tour leader working for past 2 years in the field. He knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way!!!


Sadiq Kazmi: (Trekking and School Tour Head)

This young enthusiast takes school and college students for trekking/camping as a leader. And being a school tour head he seeks very best for all those he serves.


Shivani Gohil: (School Camp Leader)

Our spirited school camp leader probably working with the most beautiful sounds in the world, the children! A beautiful young mind, inspiring the little ones!!! Her command on French language is icing on the cake for our inbound foreign travellers.


Aaradhya Sardesai : (Wildlife Division tours head)

His road is paved with paw prints! This naturalist and wildlife expert is working as a wildlife division head in the company, bringing the best wildlife tours and safaris. His knowledge and hold on the field, accomplished research and conservation programmes help our travellers getting out of the concrete jungle to those rarely seen wild celebrities (the animals!).


Pranjali Bhagat: ( Travel host/interviewer)

The Tern Travellers is coming up with astounding travel documentaries for travellers to help them gaining the best information and guidance for their future tours. And to make this possible this gamesome girl Pranjali is coming up with spectacular travel videos soon. With her academic knowledge in mass media and ludic personality she becomes the perfect travel host. So, Stay Tuned!!!