3 0  T H O U S A N D  W H E R E

B U D G E T  T O U R S  U N D E R 3 0 K


B Y  N A U S H I N  S H A I K H


Money talks! Ever wondered what yours is saying to you? Well mine loves to say “Bye and I’ll be late!” Whenever I say “I want to travel”, my bank account says, “Wait, where?”  But I think travel is never a matter of money, it’s all about your desire, your passion, your courage! People chicken out often when it comes to travelling international destinations. But now it’s no more a story!

Keeping a budget doesn’t mean being hard-up or not having fun, it means you make a plan and don’t let your expenses get out of control. It’s actually being smart!  I feel budget is an emotion! It’s all about how emotional you are!

Here I have brought some ingenious stuff which will satisfy your budget as well as your emotions! These are the five astounding international tours under 30k. You don’t need a reason to travel. So, in place of thinking ’30 Reasons Why?” Think about, “30 Thousand where!”


  1. T H A I L A N D – D E C I D E  Y O U R  V I B E  

      Thailand is a heaven for budget travellers. It’s magnetic attraction makes the whole world metal! It’s tropical climate, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, luscious food and captivating culture makes it a perfect holiday cocktail! It offers some amazing activities like water sports, island-hopping tours, cultural shows and laze massages. You can easily get low-priced hotels and restaurants there. Public transport is never an issue! Enjoy the most accessible public transport “Tuk-Tuk” there! Thailand is famous for it’s street food which helps you getting a good budget meal. The markets await you as the street shopping is to the gunwales! So, basically Thailand is a bunch of assorted vibes! Choose yours!


  1. D U B A I – E S C A P E  T H E  O R D I N A R Y   



The name is enough! A place where fantasy is converted into reality! So many places… so many activities… so much fun… in so less money! Dubai is a destination where you feel like an emperor! You breathe luxury in the air!  From it’s ultimate beaches to massive malls and buildings, Dubai is a synonym of extraordinary! Desert safari and Arabian adventure, Mesmerising Dhow cruise, Fountain shows are the must do things in the list! Talking about food ,Dubai it self is a buffet! A buffet of world cuisine! For budget meals Indian and Pakistani restaurants are a treasure trove. In a budget tour, street shopping is the thing for you as the malls only offer windows (if you can get this!)! Jummah market is a place for explorers! Where you can get authentic Arabian and Pakistani food and shopping! So, in the end I will just say “Dubai is…ETC…( End of Thinking Capacity!)”



  • S R I L A N K A – F R O M  S E A  T O  T E A


“World’s fourth largest producer of tea!” is enough information for the

“tea-reffic” people of India! A little sand in your toes… a little rain in the flows… makes everything composed! Peaceful beaches, alluring rocks and tropical rainforests offer breaths for life! Dive with blue whales, get lost in caves, explore the scenic trains, watch elephants like never before, hike past lush green tea plantations and surf…sand…sea is all about Sri Lanka. The food is cheap and cheerful! If you want to have budget meals, you can follow the Sri Lankan crowds into any of a million cafes, confusingly called ‘hotels’. Tea and handmade items are the things to buy. For exploring more, ‘Self drive Tuk-Tuk hire’ is a great option. So, breathe deeply, celebrate diversity and surround yourself with beauty! In Sri Lanka!


  1. B H U T A N – H A P P Y  L I T T L E  T H I N G   



This place has something for all! Bhutan is like a monk! It seems like Bhutan it self is meditating! Calm and Happy are the words for Bhutan. It’s culture, heritage and spirituality makes this small country colossal! Bhutan is a window for the Himalyan Ranges. See some of the stunning mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga from the aircraft. The best thing about Bhutan is the life adopted by the people. They have emulate a lifestyle from their religion (Buddhism). A session of meditation at one of the many monasteries or at your hotel itself will reconnect you with life. The natural beauty of Bhutan is worth living for. Just seeing the nature around you, or a walk by the river is a therapy itself. Because of it’s geographical bliss, it becomes a bounty for the adventure seekers. You can enjoy activities like biking, trekking, kayaking and hiking there. Bhutanese cuisine is a sight for sore eyes. You must try the local food like Ema Datshi, Momos, Jasha Maru, Goep and much more. You can buy Bhutanese Handicrafts, Hand-woven textiles, wooden bowls etc from there but one thing you will surely take home is the ‘Everlasting Smile!’


  1. B A L I – E A T ! S L E E P! B E A C H!  R E P E A T!



            “As free as the ocean!” Talking about Bali, this sentence has 2 meanings. First what it translates and the other because of the extremely low cost expenses. A world class massage and spa costing INR 300, can you imagine! The price of the other activities will also amazingly shock you! You can enjoy water sports like flying boards, rafting, snorkelling at the lowest cost. The only thing you can do in Bali is “Relax!” Cycling in the paddy fields and monkey forest, watching stunning sunrises and sunsets and eating the best sea-food. What else you want in life! For honeymoon couples secluded beaches are the thing! It would be the most romantic gift for your Bae!

Bali! Where the waves kiss your feet. Ocean air… Salty hair…Not a care…Take me there!



This was all about “30 Thousand Where!” I am sure after reading this, you will hear your money saying, “Let’s Go!”

So, Where to next? Comment below!




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